St. John's White Sand Beaches

        From Honeymoon Bay to Leinster Bay there are over 18 beaches stretching St. John's North Shore Road. Hike or drive to these pristine beaches for a day in the sun. Off the Beaten Path by Gerald Singer is a must-read for beach goers looking for unique snorkeling and great hiking.

NORTH SHORE (from Cruz Bay)
Public Beaches
Hike to: Salomon, Honeymoon, Denis Bay

Drive to: Hawksnest, Gibney Beach (aka Oppenheimer), Jumbie Bay, Trunk Bay, Cinnamon Bay, Maho Bay, Francis Bay
Private Beaches
Scott Beach, Peter Bay, Little Cinnamon, Leinster Bay
There are several South Shore Beaches that are different in every way from the North Shore Beaches. Most of the South Shore Beaches are pebble rock beaches however, some host excellent snorkeling!
South Shore Sand:
Great Cruz Bay, Hart Bay, Boatman Point, Rendezvous Bay, Fish Bay, Reef Bay, Genti Bay
South Shore Pebble:
Gallows Point, Frank Bay, Chocolate Hole, Klein Bay, Cocoloba Beach
Coral Bay's small quaint village community hosts some fabulous shopping and restaurants, but don't count out their beaches! During the winter months when the North Swell comes in, the south shore from Coral Bay to Lameshur Bay can be the only place to find calm waters.

The most popular Coral Bay Beaches are:
Salt Pond, Drunk Bay, Ram Head, and Great & Little Lameshur Bays

Finally, for the true adventurers, there is the East End which hosts:
Brown Bay, Haulover Bay, Hansen Bay, Long Bay, and the Private Privateer Bay