St. John Commercial Listings

Following is a list of businesses offered by Islandia Real Estate and The St. John Board of Realtor's Multiple Listing Service. There are currently 8 businesses listed for sale through the Mutiple Listing Service. This data was last updated on February 12, 2016.

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Add 15-220 Sky Blue $2,149,000
Cruz Bay 0
Add 15-17 VOYAGES BUILDING $1,700,000
Coral Bay 9,000
Add 15-343 Island Fusion, LLC $385,000
Cruz Bay 1,100
Add 15-394 Sail Safaris $299,000
Cruz Bay 0
Add 15-278 Pickles in Paradise $235,000
Coral Bay 1,350
Add 15-300 Bajo el Sol Gallery $150,000
Cruz Bay 950
Add 15-258 Greenleaf Commons $3,450
Cruz Bay 1,130
Add 15-179 Greenleaf Commons $1,450
Cruz Bay 448