"L'Autre Monde" simply the best value...period.

We have all blogged about this but what can I say??? This is a great time to be a Buyer as we have a large inventory of properties on the market. There is even more incentive to visit the island to preview some properties now that the temperatures are dropping and we are hearing the “s” word already in many areas. I am a firm believer that in our current market conditions, you cannot buy land and build a house for less than you can buy an existing structure. Great time to buy land to sit on for investment but if your goal is to build right away, you should take a look at the homes for sale first. We currently have 146 homes on the market and 17 are fine, luxury villas priced over $4M. If you have interest in this market, you should set aside some time to travel here and preview some of these amazing properties. The price per square foot in this range is $480 to $1,305psf. The best value per square foot continues to be “L’Autre Monde” in Great Cruz Bay Click to view listing(s). This beautiful villa has a combined total square footage of 10,000sf which works out to $480 per sf. You cannot build a villa of this quality for that price. If you would like me to email a link of all 17 properties, please contact me at lynngiovanna@gmail.com cell 340-344-1825. Have a sunny day! Lynn