Since the beginning of the 21st century we have had fun with repeating single digit dates.  Last year it was 8/8/08.  Many cultures saw it as a lucky number and had celebrations, but this year it is 9/9/09, and for some it is still lucky, but for others, 9 is a warning, and it even signifies death and endings.

Many events are being planned today, such as the release of the Fab Four video game, opening of the animated film “9”, weddings in Las Vegas, probably helping spur “9/9/09” becoming the most popular search on the internet.

Whether you will spend the day singing a Beatle song (number 9, number 9, number 9) or getting married, the day will be the last  set of repeating, single-digit dates that we’ll see until January 1, 2101

For most, the day will be uneventful, but don’t get too comfortable, 12/12/12 is just around the corner, and that is when the  Mayan Calender ends, and many believe signifies when the world will end, too.

And if it does, what better place to be than St. John in the U.S.  Virgin Islands!