I just finished reading Night of the Silent Drums by John Lorenzo Anderson, a powerful story of the slave rebellion on St. John.  Walking the trails of this beautiful island there is the sense of a heartbeat emanating from the hills.   The hike to Estate Carolina Sugar Plantation on Friday was an amazing walk back in time.

The National Park Service site http://www.nps.gov/nr/travel/prvi/pr37.htm, reports that this was the first and wealthiest sugar estate on St. John.  Managed by the Danish West India & Guinea Co., it was here that the slave rebellion broke out on November 23, 1733.   I included a picture of the windmill, with termite eaten timbers still remaining.  You can clearly see the windmill from Centerline Rd. lookout over Coral Bay.  The ruins include a large, deep well, an animal treadmill, the sugar factory that is two stories high and a further hike up the hill takes you to the main living quarters.

Always a sense of discovery living on St. John!

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