We have several excellent authors here on St. John, most of whom have lived on island for the majority of their lives.  For inside information and a little bit of fun, I’d highly suggest the following literature.   

“St. John Beach Guide” is a photographically illustrated guide to the beaches of the St. John Virgin Islands National Park, written by Gerald Singer.  If your interest is coming to relax on our fabulous beaches, this book is for you.   “Off the Beaten Path” is also written by Gerald Singer and is geared towards those who are looking for the adventurous side of St. John.  A fair warning – due to the age of the book, some of the destinations in Off the Beaten Path are now private property making them inaccessible.  This one is for the explorer.  

“Tales of St. John” is written by several members of the community telling their stories of the past.  This is a book with some humor and a lot of love.  Knowing most of the writers, I assure you that these stories have truth.  If you are looking for a book for the plane ride down, these short stories are nothing short of entertaining.   “Me and My Beloved Virgin” I personally have yet to read this book by Guy Benjamin.  It’s described as a book that is one of a kind, detailing in a most enjoyable way, life on St. John before the advent of tourism. 

“Down Island” by Bob Tis was one of my personal favorites.  It’s written as fiction, but hits very close to home.   This book is a page turner and can be read on one good long day at the beach.

Merry & Emily