Jumpin Jack Flashman is my 10 week old kitten who just enjoyed his first sailing weekend.  He had no problem whatsoever with noisy diesel engines, slippery decks or mal-de-mer.  He was very brave when confronted with his first live fish, which he bit the tail off then consumed with much crunching and slurping. The fish was only about 1″ long but his next challenge was a real live lobster with lots of appendages such as spikey legs and thorny antennas.  Jack was not the least bit shy.  He marched right up to it and began chewing on an antenna – then muckeled on to a thorny leg.  I really think he would have eaten it raw if allowed to continue.  As it was, I cooked it up and Jack ate his fair share.  Now that he is a seasoned sailor I think he deserves another addition to his already lengthy name.  From now on he will be known as “Jumpin Jack Tar Flashman”