The best way to ‘beat the heat’ on St. John is enjoying the water that surrounds us on our beautiful national park beaches. The picture above was taken at Maho Beach; few people, warm waters and the shade of the palm trees.

The term, “Dog Days of Summer”, originated in southern Europe.  Observers along the Mediterranean Sea used to follow Sirius, which is the brightest star in the nightime sky and part of the constellation known as “The Big Dog”, or “the dog star”.

On July 23, the star rises and sets with the sun, and the belief was the star was so bright, it gave off heat and added to the sun’s warmth to make the days even hotter.  The term “Dog Days of Summer” refers to the 20 days before and after this alignment, which is July 3 to August 11th.

Now that it is August 23rd, it feels like we are just getting into that warm cycle. It must be part of that “island time”, that we all talk about.