Interesting article today in, written by Erika Andersen.  She posed the question, “So why do we waste so much time doing things that probably aren’t going to yield much in the way of results?”  The three reasons  proposed were:

1. We don’t know what is important.

2. We use busyness as an anesthetic.

3.  We just want to have fun.

Whether you are buying or selling real estate on St. John, Islandia Real Estate is here to assist you.  We will help you determine what is important to bring your real estate needs to a satisfying closure.

Don’t let  fear of not being able to achieve the results  you want, or thinking your aspirations are impossible, deter you from a successful conclusion.  As well-seasoned real estate agents we are here to persevere and assist you in obtaining your dream.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have fun, we can assist you in making sure that your choices “really nourish you, and gives you more of what you want in your life, vs. being a drain, time that you regret.”

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