full moon

Magic in the Moonlight!  Did you see the full moon last night?  It was beautiful here on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Where were you?  Did you feel any different?  For some, it inspires romance. For others, it elicits crazyness.  According to scientific reviews, the full moon alters the way humans and wildlife behave. It is found that during the night, the moon creates a tidal effect on oceans. We also know that the human body consists of nearly 80% of water. Hence, the moon has a great impact on an individual’s intellect and thinking. It is also believed that different phases of the moon affects human behavior, but this relationship is still intriguing. Reports have shown that the full moon marks a monthly peak in various kinds of psychotically related crimes like murder, accidents, arson, and kleptomania.  So if you did anything out of the ordinary last night – and you got caught – blame it on the full moon!