My son and soon to be daughter-in-law were visiting this past week on the island.  When locals have visitors we revisit why it is so great to be on the island!  At Francis Bay we swam with the Atlantic Manta Ray (pictured above), a rare site, with a wing span of 5 to 6 feet.  The hike on Brown Bay Trail to  Johnny Horn, and the ruins at Leinster Point with the beautiful views of Waterlemon Bay, was exquisite.  Bloody Marys and brunch at Donkey Diner, dinner at Shipwreck, an art opening at Michael Banzhaf Gallery and swimming with the turtles at Maho, life is good on the Virgin Islands, especially St. John.  Come enjoy an island that is 2/3rds National Park.  Contact Jane Kelly at, 941.544.5855 (c), 340.776.6666 (o)