The sand’s too hot and the women look too good in bikinis are just two of the odd complaints made by holiday-makers it’s been revealed.

Customer services at an online travel agency have taken a look at some of more bizarre complaints they received in 2010 and produced a top 10 of the silliest.

1 – On arrival to the airport in the UK, when asked to present their passports, some ladies found themselves in a sticky situation as they claimed they were not reminded to bring their passports and thought that they didn’t need them.

2 – On a trip to the Canary Islands, a lady who took her family of four on holiday put in a complaint about their beach experience. She claimed that, due to the warm weather, the sand was too hot and her children could not walk down to the sea for a swim.

3 -  A man who went to the Costa del Sol complained that there was too much food to eat from the buffet in his all-inclusive hotel. As a result, he put on ‘at least 5lbs’ during his trip, which he wasn’t too pleased about.

4 – Another male tourist, this time on holiday in Majorca, claimed that the number of bikini-clad womenon the beach caused a fall-out between him and his wife, as he was caught ogling them ‘on more than one occasion.’

5 – A couple who had spent two weeks in Marmaris, Turkey, said that their holiday had been a disappointment because there were ‘too many English people around‘ and the main reason they went to Turkey in the first place was to experience somewhere ‘more exotic.’

6 – One man said he was unhappy about the fact that he had not been able to fully enjoy his holiday to Portugal. His hotel bed was ‘too comfy’ meaning that he overslept on more than one occasion when he would have ‘preferred to be up early and making the most of it.’

7 – A group of young adults who had travelled to Ayia Napa in Cyprus claimed that the 24 hour reception in their hotel made them feel like they were being ‘judged’ for returning back to their room late, despite the resort being renowned for partying and late nights.

8 – A man who had been to Tenerife complained that the Prada sunglasses he had purchased from a street seller for £4.50 were fakes.

9 – Another male holidaymaker claimed his fear of heights had prevented him from enjoying his flightto Mauritius.

10 – Finally, a man who had been with his wife to Bulgaria said that the couple in the room next door had been loud in their lovemaking, which subsequently made him feel ‘pressured’ into initiating sex with his own wife.

Chris Brown, of, said: “We are more than happy to deal with any issues that arise, but we regret that we cannot be held responsible for the temperature of the sand, weight gain as a result of the amount of tasty food on offer or the number of fellow English tourists in the vicinity.”

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