earthmd.gif When you search online under “global warming” you will find dramatically conflicting points of view on this topic. Now I am a Real Estate Broker, not a scientist, and I haven’t studied the issue in depth but I did see “An Inconvenient Truth” and was moved by the obvious question, what if Mr. Gore is right?

Going Green seems to be the rage lately so I decided to see exactly what that means. “It’s not easy being green” (Kermit The Frog); but it’s getting easier all the time. One of the first things I discovered in my online research is “green beer” – not the kind you drink on St. Patrick’s Day or what we call a “greenie” (Heineken) but beer produced organically. Apparently regular beer contains a lot more than barley, hops, water and alcohol. Well fortunately Anheuser Busch has recognized this and their Green Valley Brewery label now makes two organic beers: Wild Hop Lager and Stone Mill Pale Ale. I don’t think they are available on St. John yet. When they do come here you can bet I’ll be checking them out.

As the global warming debate rages on, it occurs to me – what if the global warming guys are right? And even if they are wrong, what harm can it do to go a little green? So besides green beer I’ve discovered there are hundreds of ways to “go green”. Check out National Geographic’s website, The Green Guide:

Click on “The Green Home Makeover” to see ways to “green up” your house. If you are thinking of building a home on St. John, be a good neighbor and consider green building practices – it can’t hurt.