I love St. John for its natural beauty, its eclectic people and its unique perspective on the rest of the world.  St. Johnians have a saying, “we’re all here ’cause we’re not all there” and it rings true on many levels.  From the moment I set foot on St. John about 12 years ago, I knew I wanted to live here.  When my wife agreed I started packing before she changed her mind!  I think our kids turned out better for growing up here instead of in the suburban maze we left behind.  Where else can you stop on the way home from work or school, hop in the ocean for a swim and be entertained by sea turtles and other marine life as they go about their daily routines in calm, crystal clear waters?  I used to stop by the gym for a swim back in my former life – not quite the same!  St. John is a special place, unlike any other I have ever experienced and I am happy to be here.  More later – I’m late for my evening swim!