View from "Contentment" - closed on May 26th for $3.5M

Now that’s a question I get asked all the time. In these tough, economic times, everyone is interested in how the real estate market is doing. In my opinion, there has been improvement in sales and that’s a light at the end of the tunnel and not a train. Let’s compair where we are this year in comparision to 2010 regarding homes sold:

2010 January – May:  10 homes sold for a volume of $11,817,500 making the average price per home sold $1,181,750

2011 January – May: 12 homes sold for a volume of $20,840,000 making the average price per home sold $1,736,667

I’ll continue to monitor this through the year and keep you posted. I think it is encouraging for everyone to see the positive. It is really a great time to buy if it is something you have been considering. If you would like more information regarding real estate on St. John, USVI or more statistical information, please contact me at cell 340-344-1825

From beautiful St. John, where we are finally seeing the sun today so go to the beach! Lynn