Only the U.S. Virgin Islands and 5 out of 50 states currently have a hand-held cell phone ban while driving.  As I just found out the hard way, the first violation here results in a $50 fine – no warning.  Now I’m contemplating the acquisition of something called “Blue Tooth” technology – which is what the police officer was wearing on his ear when he pulled me over.  This will also require me to upgrade my cell phone.  I’ll miss my little Nokia.  Those new I-phones sure look slick and they do everything but make toast.  However, I recently read that the National Safety Council has proposed a ban on all cell phone use by drivers, including hands-free devices so now I’m not sure what to do – other than pull over to the side of the road the next time my wife calls me!  I know that none of this has anything to do with St. John real estate but I had to tell somebody.