St. John is 2/3 National Park. That being said, there is only so many land parcels available to us (thank goodness)!  You can’t decide on the house and all the details at this point in time, what you can decide on is the LAND. There are land parcels for sale on St. John that will meet everyone’s dreams and needs.

Buying land is an affordable option for folks that want to own a piece of St. John but aren’t wanting or able to take the huge plunge of owning a house on island right away. Owning a parcel of land on St. John gives you the time to plan, save, and dream about what to put on the lot.


If not buying a parcel of land for personal reasons. Why not purchase a piece of St. John for future business and development opportunities. There are great options and deals on land zoned for commercial development. Whether purchasing for a project now, or planning ahead for one in the future, don’t let these opportunities pass you by!


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