My kind of road block!

The “traffic” on St. John is nothing like the traffic in the Va Beach & Norfolk area where I am from.  If you commuted on the interstate to work there, it was grid lock every morning and  every late afternoon. I knew people that had to commute 1.5 hours to work one way…what a nightmare! So what on St. John sometimes I get stuck behind a water truck or a concrete truck and more recently we had some road work areas where we were down to one lane but my personal favorite traffic slow downs on St. John are when the cows or pigs are in the road. I’ve been here 10 years now and you would think I would get used to it but what can I say….I love the cows! It’s great to be able to walk into the office late and say “sorry I’m late but the cows were in the road”! All you Norfolk people should try that excuse with your boss one morning and let me know how it goes! Let me know if I can help you with any questions you may have about real estate on St. John, USVI cell 340-344-1825

From beautiful St. John, USVI have a sunny day! Lynn