Tradewinds Newspaper did a great story on artist Gail van de Bogart’s studio moving from Maho Bay to Pickles in Paradise in Coral Bay.  Gail opened Maho Bay Clay Works at the campground in 2002. The campground closed earlier this year and lucky us that she has found a great spot at Pickles to showcase her wonderful work and to continue with offering instruction in painting, pottery, and the ongoing Visiting Artist Workshops.

Gail put it so well when she said, “The Pickles in Paradise location is just great for the Maho Bay Clay Works Pottery. It is fun to be at Pickles, in the community atmosphere that Bev Melius has created with its delicious food and cool Coral Bay people. The area is attracting a nice mix of local artists, musicians, honey and sushi makers, boaters, woodworkers, plumbers, electricians and island visitors; and now me.”  And we couldn’t be happier.

First photo credit to Tradewinds newspaper.  941.544.5855   340.776.6666