With half the year behind us sales are looking good for 2013, particularly home sales. So far our MLS shows 20 homes closed and 17 under contract. 28 homes were sold in 2012 so our market is showing good improvement for home sales.

In 2012 33 land parcels were sold. So far this year we are showing 19 sold and 11 under contract.

In 2012 9 condos were sold. So far this year 4 have sold and 2 are under contract.

These statistics show, contrary to popular belief, that sales are equally strong in the “slow” season as in the winter. Many visitors are finding that temperatures are often more comfortable in the Virgin Islands in the summer than many places in the States. We are seldom over 90 degrees and usually have a cooling ocean breeze.

You can see details of the properties sold on our web site at: https://www.islandiarealestate.com/statsummary.cfm This list is updated every quarter so is current to the end of June 2013.

Inventory remains high with 146 homes, 27 condos and 256 land parcels listed for sale. With these numbers there are obviously a lot of disappointed sellers but the market is on the up swing.

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