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The U.S. Virgin Islands property tax saga continues.  To pay or not to pay.  I know many people here on St. John who went ahead and paid their 2006 property tax bills when they received them earlier this year even though there were stories in the press questioning the legality of issuing the tax bills in violation of a federal court order.  As it turns out, those folks did not have to pay and now they are wondering what to do.   Hopefully this all will be resolved in our lifetimes!  Meanwhile we want to keep our fellow Virgin Islanders up to date.

According to an article this week in the Virgin Islands Daily News:

“Those who have paid their 2006 property taxes – from the bills that are now officially null and void – will have to wait until the outcome of a federal court case before finding out if what they paid was too little or too much. Those who have not paid 2006 property taxes could not pay them now even if they wanted to.”

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