Tamarind tree

 This photo will answer the big question that everyone wonders…which came first, the tamarind tree or the Westin Resort?  You can find this great photo and more on the historical society’s website www.stjohnhistoricalsociety.org Get to know this island we all know & love and join our historical society. They have monthly meetings from October to April with interesting speakers. You can join them on great field trips and hikes. We’ve all been to Skinny’s for a burger but have you gone just past Skinny’s and hiked up to the remains of the Fort? The historical society usually does this hike each year and I highly recommend it. Be a part of this great island paradise and join our historical society! Whether you visit often or you’re lucky enough to call it home, St. John USVI is a beautiful island with lots of great old tales to tell. JOIN TODAY!