The economy and the real estate market appear to be on the upswing!  Today’s news reports  “The resilience of the largest U.S. financial firms when tested against a recession more severe than the last one shows regulators have succeeded in pushing banks to build fortress-like balance sheets.”

This information coupled with Warren Buffett’s testimonial regarding Real Estate purchased now lends itself to the upbeat mood  guiding investor sentiment in the aftermath of one of the most fearful periods in American financial history.

The ‘Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, replied when asked “If you are a young, individual investor and have a choice between buying your first home or investing in stocks, which is the better bet?”  “If I knew where I was going to want to live for the next five or ten years, I would buy a home and finance it with a 30-year mortgage.  It’s a terrific deal.   I would gladly load up with a couple hundred thousand single-family homes at today’s remarkably low mortgage interest rates-if only I had a practical way to manage that many properties.”

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