Welcome to Coral Bay

You can’t turn on the news today without hearing a Teddy Kennedy story and this blog is no exception.

Some years back, Ted Kennedy sailed into Coral Bay (in St. John U.S. Virgin Islands) on a yacht rented from the Moorings, and came ashore for a night at Skinny Legs, the renowned burger, beer, music and sports joint.

Kennedy reportedly had a good time there, as most people do. It’s loud, it’s fun, the burgers have been described by the New York Times as the ”best in the hemisphere,” and while sports beam constantly from the TVs, the best spectator event is the ”Pitch ‘N’ Bitch” women’s horseshoe contests in the pit beside the bar.

According to locals at the scene, Kennedy tried to motor out of the harbor, but something happened to his throttle lever. So the senator tried instead to sail out, but tacked too close to some other boats’ anchor lines and got his prop fouled. It took five guys to untangle the mess before Captain Ted could sail away.