Kaleidoscope villa

In 1952 Laurence Rockefeller purchased 2/3 of St John, US Virgin Islands. In 1969 he sold off the Ditleff Point Peninsula to some colleagues – about the same time he was developing famous Caneel Bay Resort on the Northshore of the island. Rockefeller encouraged “Architectural Guidelines” for Ditleff Point so that it may “maintain its pastoral and park-like atmosphere” and preserve the natural tropical beauty.

The O’Rourke family was inspired by these preservation objectives, and they kept this in mind while building Kaleidoscope Villa in 2008. Setting the community standard as the first home on Ditleff point, each member of the family contributed to the design of the home. In building Kaleidoscope Villa, they had the valuable assistance of exceptionally skilled craftsmen and technical individuals, some of whom became great friends. They incorporated cathedral ceilings in each room sized to minimize carbon footprint and ease cooling, and kept the structure one level for ease of access and to keep the structure blended into the island peninsula. Creative interior lighting was installed to focus downward, therefore reducing light pollution in the neighborhood and with consideration to sea turtles who nest on the peninsula’s beaches.

Kaleidoscope Villa will continue to serve as a timeless model for the development of Ditleff Point for others who respect and are willing to be guided by the spirit of Laurence Rockefeller’s vision drafted a century ago to protect the peninsula, and the special island of St John. Guests have repeatedly shown their appreciation for this villa and have made special memories there. Join the Kaleidoscope Villa legacy, and create your own future as the Ditleff Point community continues to grow.

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