What Are We Thankful For?!  Some of the Top 10 Reasons For Living on St. John

10.  Knowledge of what a ‘Dark & Stormy’ is

9.  Pretzel Logic makes absolute sense

8.  The sounds of domino tiles hitting the board

7.  The feeling you get when the ferry pulls into Cruz Bay

6.  The Coconut Connection’s ability to find ones dog, raise money for whatever worthwhile needs the community may have, and to offer friendship

5.  Mongoose Junction’s annual “Evening in the Courtyard” tonight!  A kick off to the holiday season

4.  The most beautiful beaches in the world

3.  Historical Ruins, historical stories, and present day residents that have formed St. John

2.  Learning the  nicety of greeting someone before you ask for something

1.  Thanksgiving Regatta Weekend, two days of racing and two nights of partying  with live music this weekend for the 30th  annual Thanksgiving regatta of the Coral Bay Yacht Club, headquartered at Skinny Legs.

Take note of beautiful Liberty who sailed her last (but not final) Thanksgiving Regatta last year.

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