Best of the best: Snorkeling on St. John

Whether you pack your own gear or rent some while you’re here, jumping in the water with your mask and fins is absolutely necessary while visiting and snorkeling on St. John. Our waters have some of the most beautiful ecosystems, and they are a must see on your vacation.

  • Trunk Bay: Not only does Trunk Bay have well maintained facilities and food and drink options, it also has a great underwater snorkeling trail. This snorkeling experience is for folks of all ages, close to the shore and in a relatively protected area when swim conditions are safe. Please carpool when visiting this beach as parking is limited – or take a taxi! Note: there is a $5 park entry fee (cash is preferred).


Snorkeling on St. John
Trunk Bay – Snorkeling on St. John
  • Hurricane Hole: This snorkeling spot offers different scenery than many of the other snorkeling spots on St. John. It is a mangrove based snorkel which opens your eyes to an ecosystem less seen by visitors. Keep your eyes open, you might spot a seahorse or two! This snorkel experience should be enjoyed by folks who are comfortable with their swimming and snorkeling abilities.


  • Waterlemon CayThis snorkel spot is one of my all time favorites and never disappoints. You will see all types of fish, sea creatures, and coral. When snorkeling the Cay PLEASE snorkel counter-clock wise AROUND the cay, as the current here is very strong. This snorkel adventure is for strong swimmers who are comfortable in the water. *A trick to make it easier… park yourself on the beach, grab your gear and walk out along the bay to the point directly across from the cay- it cuts down on the swimming distance and allows you to save your energy to snorkel around the Cay.


Some Snorkeling Pointers

Never snorkel alone. Always have a snorkel buddy and stay in communication with each other, check in regularly.

Do NOT step on or touch the coral even if it is “just for a second”. Touching coral kills it, please look with your eyes and not with your hands!

Reef Safe sunscreens: It is imperative that we as a whole use sunscreen that is safe for our waters. The Virgin Islands Government has now put into law a ban on all sunscreens that are not reef safe.  Our local shops sell reef safe sun screen, so purchase your sun protection while on island!

While visiting St. John, enjoy what it has to offer, make memories, and be mindful. Remember a Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening, and Good night greeting goes a long way on our tiny island 🙂