Let’s be honest… are there really days off when you are a realtor?!

Honestly…we are always ready for the next lead/opportunity/chance to help a buyer find their dream home or to work with a seller who is ready to move on to the next chapter of their life. Please don’t hesitate to call or email at any time!

Occasionally, we do get a day here and there where we get to put work aside and relax. What does a St. John realtor do on those days?

Some days are beach days…

Cinnamon Bay in early Sept. 2018.

Some days we may go for a hike…

The ruins at the top of the America’s Hill hike.

Some days we might get the opportunity to preview an amazing property (wait, is that working?)…

Beautiful view from a home in the Boatman Point neighborhood.

Some days we get to go boating…

Paige on a trip back from Virgin Gorda last summer.

Some days (maybe more than some) we will enjoy an adult beverage or two by the pool…

Glass of wine at sunset.

And some days we are running personal errands, doing yard work or housework, renewing a driver’s license or catching up on our favorite tv shows… just like normal people.

We do live and work in such a unique and beautiful place, sometimes days off allow us to do some really cool things. We have to try and enjoy it every once in a while! And we want to share that with you.

Ask me why St. John is such a special place and what I do on my days off!