Greek Nite 

I love talking with visitors to our beautiful island. Their curious questions are usually the same: How long have you lived here? What brought you here? What beach is your favorite?…etc. and my favorite question: Where do you like to eat? Well, now you’re talking! We really have a lot of fine eating establishments and I love going out to eat! One of my favorites and more reasonably priced for dinner and breakfast is The Inn at Tamarind Court.  They have different cooks for dinner and my favorite is on Monday’s when Val cooks for Greek Nite. I get excited when I drive by during the day and see the sign out front. You gotta try it when you are on island (or if you live here!). Please call or email me at if you want to know how long I’ve lived here, what brought me here, where to eat, where to hike…etc.!

From beautiful St. John, USVI, Have a Sunny Day! Lynn