Another year has passed with mixed results in real estate sales.  Land sales on our Multiple Listing Service were up from 31 in 2014 to 44 in 2015.  Home sales were almost the same with 39 sales in 2014 and 38 in 2015.  Condo sales were up from 9 in 2014 to 12 in 2015.  You can always see sales history details on our web site at   It is updated quarterly.

In other news I am happy to say that the new owner of Islandia Real Estate, Nick Vanassche, has just purchased the Islandia Building from our founder, Inga Hiilivirta.  The purchase assures that Islandia will be able to keep our superb location for many years to come.  Nick and a group of investors have also purchased the Tradewinds newspaper after it rather abruptly ceased publishing late last year.  We look forward to a publication now focused on public events, community affairs, local sports and school activities.  Check it out and subscribe at:

The winter 2016 “Island Living” book has been published and features listing from Islandia, Holiday Homes and Seaglass properties.  These very attractive books are heavily distributed on St John and reach a great number of St John visitors.


To toot our own horn a bit, the Seaglass team had a great year.

#1. We finished #1 in sales in the USVI:  $80,792,495

#2. We finished #1 in number of transactions in the USVI: 350

#3. We sold $38.6m more in real estate than the nearest STT/STJ competitor.

#4. We had 129 more transactions than the nearest USVI competitor.

#5. We sold 9 more properties over $1m than the nearest USVI competitor.

#7. We generated over 40,000 visits to our websites per month.

#8. We have over 50 homes listed above $1m.