The January issue of Vogue Magazine named St. John in the top 5 places to visit, we would have to agree!


Instead of St. Barth’s, try St. John

 St. Barth’s has long been the It destination for East Coasters in the winter because of its relatively close proximity and posh hotels. If you aren’t looking to see and be seen while on vacation this time around, but still want stunning beaches and sunshine, try St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands (a short ferry ride from the main airport on St. Thomas) this year. We suggest spending plenty of time in Coral Bay on the eastern side of the island, which is more laid-back and less commercial. A few days here and you’ll forget what snow even feels like. Well, almost . . .

Where to Stay
The romantic Caneel Bay resort, about a 20-minute drive from Coral Bay, is theplace to stay on this island. The 166-room, old-school property spans 170 acres and offers seven beaches surrounded by the Virgin Islands National Park.

Where to Eat
For casual eats, Skinny Legs is the place for mouthwatering burgers, or head toShipwreck Landing for curry nut–crusted grouper. On the East End, Vie’s Snack Shack by Hansen Bay is always a must for Coral Bay repeat visitors. The West Indies rice and beans dishes are just as phenomenal as the sparkling waterfront views. You can also access Hansen Bay beach here by paying a small fee, which gets you chairs, parking, and an all-day spot on the beach.

What to Do
If you time it right, you will be there for Miss Lucy’s regular full moon parties, where you can listen to live music by local bands and watch the full moon over Coral Bay. During the day, book a boating excursion to sail and snorkel around the crystalline waters of Coral Bay. Kekoa, Palm Tree Charters, and Lion In Da Sun all lead excellent excursions. If you are a hiker, take a drive to the Cinnamon Bay trail, where you’ll come across ruins of a sugarcane factory, wildlife, and Danish burial crypts.