Ruins on L'Esperance trail

In my opinion, it’s always a great time to go hiking and my 2 dogs could not agree with me more. Our favorite trail is L’Esperance. It is not as well known as some of the other trails so most of the time we never run into anyone else which makes it feel like “our” trail and the fact that it is only 10 minutes away from where we live is the real bonus.  You need to be careful this time of year with the heat.  It’s best to get an early start by 7am and make sure you drink plenty of water before you head out & take more with you as this heat is nothing to mess around with (not to mention if you have had a couple cocktails the night before!).  If you are not familiar with all the trails on St. John, stop in the Papaya Cafe at Marketplace or Pink Papaya by Lime Inn and pick up a copy of the Trail Bandit hiking map. It’s a great map for only a couple dollars and it’s small enough to carry with you hiking. Contact me any time if you have questions or comments about the hiking trails on St. John or if you have questions regarding real estate on St. John, USVI cell 340-344-1825  Have a great weekend and go to the beach! Lynn