We are so fortunate  on St. John,  no concerns for us on the predictions of spring’s arrival, it is always summertime on the island!   The belief that if the sun shone on Groundhog Day, winter would continue, but if it was cloudy, spring would come soon.  This  is somewhat similar to people trying to ‘time the market’.  Don’t let real estate run your life.  Harold Bubil, Real Estate Editor of the Sarasota Herald Tribune, wrote “Don’t try to time the market, even though a lot of “gurus” with books to sell claim they can teach you how.  It is basically gambling.  Real estate cycles come and go.  You get but one life. Don’t let it get away from you.”  This was brought home when Harold was in a conversation with one of his coworkers who was lamenting the distance between her parents home and hers.  They wanted to move closer to their daughter but they kept putting it off.  “The main reason was that they were reluctant to sell their home in a declining market.  But they waited too long.  Sadly, my colleague’s father died last week.  Now the house will go on the market at a greatly reduced price – compared with five years ago – so her mother can move closer to family.”

Whatever your goal is, be it moving to paradise or moving back to the mainland, don’t delay your hearts desire.

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