Hawk’s Nest clean up

We can all agree that St. John, USVI is a beautiful island with many, many wonderful residents. I wanted to pass along a great big island THANK YOU!! to the Land Sharks!  During Earth Week they adopted Hawk’s Nest beach and cleaned up some unwanted trash and I was glad they invited me to help. I was also glad they invited me for Pizza and beer at the Tap Room when we were finished! (yes, I’m easy!) Much of the trash seemed like it was blown into the bush with the winds so be mindful with your articles of clothing, food wrappers, plastic bottles, etc. In my opinion, the biggest disappointment was the amount of cigarette butts that were everywhere. Get with it smokers, our beautiful white sandy beaches are NOT big ashtrays. Please help keep our beaches clean and take with you all you bring to use at the beach and dipose of properly.  THANK YOU!!!