Melanie Rudd of Stanford University  has a fantastic study coming out later this year in Psychological Science on the benefits of awe.  “Lead author Melanie Rudd concluded that awe expands people’s perception of time, enhances well-being and causes people to behave more altruistically and less materialistically.”

Rudd further explained how we can stimulate awe and its benefits in our daily lives, “There are two things needed for a true awe experience:  1) Perceptual vastness and 2) A need for accommodation (i.e., you must feel that you need to revise or update your mental structures/the way you think/your understanding of the world in order to understand the perceptually vast thing/stimuli).  So anything you experience in daily life that leads you to experience these two things can stimulate awe and its benefits.  There are some things that seem to more frequently elicit awe–experiencing nature, being exposed to art or music, and observing the accomplishments of others.”

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