Conde’ Nast Traveler readers ranked the best islands in the world!  On the list of the top 30, our beautiful St. John came in at #8.  They noted that St. John is a very special piece of paradise due to 2/3rd’s of the island is designated as a National Park, the pristine beaches are plentiful, and the crystal blue waters offer amazing swimming and snorkeling.  They did mention that one can fly into  St. Thomas and take a ferry ride to St. John (we don’t have an airport here), but arrival by helicopter is very possible too!  We do have a helicopter port on the island and I know of several properties that are offered for sale where heliport permitting has been approved. Connect to the link below to read up on the Conde’ Nast site for more information.  Jane Kelly 340.776.6666, 941.544.5855