Catherineberg offers stunning North Shore views

As I predicted, Le Chateau has gone under contract after being on the market just over 4 months.  That is a great turn over time in this market!  There is not a lot of turn over in Estate Catherineberg. It is a small exclusive neighborhood with oversized parcels of 1 acre+ and stunning views of the North Shore.  Once someone gets their hands on property in Catherineberg, they just don’t let go. You can’t say I didn’t tell you so. I posted on our blog more than once that it was priced well and would not be on the market long and I offered sales statistics to back me up. I’ld like to thank our blog readers who took me up on my offer and emailed for more information. Let’s not forget that that is what we Realtors are here for – to help you make well informed decisions. Please contact me regarding real estate on St. John, USVI cell 340-344-1825  I really am glad to help with your questions. Oh yeah, did I mention that another villa in Catherineberg came on the market late yesterday afternoon?!! You know who to contact!!! I am a sucker for Catherineberg! Have a great holiday weekend and see you at WAGA! Lynn